Insideast Warranty

Insideast is present online since 2018. In late 2021 we had +600 online reviews in the United States. And made collaborations with designers and influencers showcased @insideastdesigns.

Our fixtures are in parts handcrafted and in other parts industrial. We make sure to provide the best quality available by imposing quality checks and by testing each product in real situation. 

Our checks and rules include the choice of materials, installation compliance, the simplification of maintenance, the look and finish. With the goal to provide high end products.  

Repair & Replacement

The warranty provided by Insideast covers repair or replacement of the product. If in the period of warranty the product is defective Insideast will, depending on the issue, repair or replace the product.

The warranty doesn’t cover installation costs, labor charges or other consequential charges.

All requests must be accompanied with the proof of purchase.

Warranty Coverage

  • Lifetime mechanical warranty. Insideast warrants mechanical defects for as long as the initial purchaser/homeowner continues to maintain and own the house in which the product is installed.
  • 5 Years finish warranty for all faucets and sinks.
  • 2 Years wearable parts warranty. For hoses, washers and seals and other wearable parts. 

Warranty Limitations

The warranty is only applicable to the initial purchaser or homeowner. The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by normal wear and tear.

The warranty is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Products repaired or altered in any way by the initial purchaser without an authorization from Insideast.
  • Products damaged because of misuse, negligence or faulty maintenance or installation.
  • Products used in a way contrary to the intended normal use.

Warranty Contacts 

Mail…. 31 Douar Graoua, Trik Tikhzrit, 40000 Marrakesh, Morocco