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Substantial solid materials

timeless designs and living finishes

Stories from previous collaborations

By Jenna Sue

I had the hardest time finding non-cheap looking brass/gold faucets and hardware that matched, so I went with unlacquered brass across the board. Yes, there will be some maintenance involved, but the patina really is charming and timeless.

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By Jenna Lyon

Another bright idea worth stealing from her teeny refresh: the Insideast unlacquered brass faucet.

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By Bridgette Muller

And came complete with a landlord who allows me to make any changes I want to the space (as long as I’m paying, haha). And so I’ve made a ton of changes,” writes Brigette. “It’s the first space I’ve lived in that truly feels like my own.

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Widespread 3 Holes Solid Unlacquered Brass Faucet, Vanity Sink Faucet, Antique Brass Bathroom Faucet


3 Hole Widespread Brass Bathroom Faucet - Unlacquered Brass Bathroom Faucet IBF07


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Beautiful, just the handmade look we were looking for.


Beyond thrilled with this incredibly beautiful piece of functional art. Gorgeous craftsmanship. Great communication and fast shipping.


The faucet is stunning, it’s a show piece in my kitchen. It will only look better in time. I’m so grateful for the workmanship on this faucet. It was so worth the time and money!!

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  It's natural for unlacquered brass items to tarnish over time, and finding the best way to clean them while preserving their beautiful finish can be a challenge. We have tested several brass clea...

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