Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Pot Filler Handcrafted Faucet

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Entirely made of authentic brass. Brass which tarnishes overtime. Unlike the standard gold-finished faucets this one transforms into a unique antique piece. And, gets more beauty and value with time

Warranty covers functionality (leaks, broken parts) and finish of the faucet. If any problem occurs send me a message on Etsy, WhatsApp, or email 'abdel@insideast.com' and I will immediately send you replacement parts.

Handling & Shipping

Production and handling take around 3 weeks. After that, your package is expedited using express shipping (UPS/DHL). Express shipping is Free.

-Our Youtube Channel: Insideast

Note: Please make sure to check out the link below for the full installation guide


For any questions please contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions.


Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Pot Filler Handcrafted Faucet

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