Undermount Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Hammered Farm Sink

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Send me the measurements and I will make you a personalized Farmhouse sink.

One or two basins? Undermount or Top mount? Apron Sink?

Everything is discussed and your dream sink is made from scratch.

The sink is made of solid heavy copper (16 Gauge Copper). It will not dent and it will be reliable for a lifetime. Even more, the living finish of copper will make the sink even beautiful as it ages.

To produce a personalized sink for you send me a message.

I will listen to your needs, make a sketch of the sink, and give you a quote.

Once confirmed. Production takes from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the waitlist. And depending on your needs.

Once made I send you pictures of the sink to take notes of any last adjustments you may want.

Shipping is made through UPS/DHL. 5 days of delivery to the United States.

5-Years Warranty. If any problem occurs relative to the finish or to the functioning of this sink. Contact me at my email address and I will make you a replacement sink or arrange a better solution for you.

Standard sizes are:

W 27" / D 17" / H 10"

Free matching drain included.

Undermount Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, Hammered Farm Sink

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