Large Copper Vintage Freestanding Hammered Clawfoot Bathtub

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Material: Solid Copper


This bathtub is handcrafted from a thick sheet of solid copper (16 Gauge Copper) using antique techniques from Marrakesh City.

This is an unsealed 'living' finish which will age and gather its own unique patina over time as the copper oxidizes from use.

The degree of patination can be controlled by waxing the surface periodically. Our living finishes are a wonder to watch as they evolve over time and gather their own identity.

Each bath comes complete with a care and maintenance kit.

5-Years Warranty

The warranty covers functionality (leaks, broken parts) and finish of the Bathtub. If any problem occurs send me a message on Etsy, WhatsApp, or email '' and I will immediately make you a replacement bathtub.

Handling & Shipping

Production and handling take around 3 weeks. After that, your package is expedited through Free express shipping (UPS/DHL).


Back to Front: 33.5 inches
Width: 72 inches
Height: 27.5 inches

Contact on Etsy for customization or special requests.

Large Copper Vintage Freestanding Hammered Clawfoot Bathtub

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