Insideast Moroccan Brass Vintage Ball 8-Inch ISF09 Kitchen Faucet

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Insideast Moroccan Brass Vintage Ball 8-Inch ISF09 Kitchen Faucet 

This unique faucet creates a pleasant and edgy design in your kitchen. Its unique architecture pops some magic to your countertop. Designed with high expertise, using the best brass quality from the heart of Marrakech with a Moroccan traditional touch. The brass construction and  swivel abilities provide a sturdy and reliant fixture, great for both dual and single sinks.

By adding the optional matching side-sprayer, your cleaning will become easier even for the hard-to-reach areas.  While the high-arch spout allows ample clearance for large pots.

A matching cold water faucet, air gap and side-sprayer are optional. 


- Designed for long lasting durability

- Solid brass handles

- High pressure hose for sprayers

- Durable full range swing spout with 3 O-ring constructions

- Optional aerator

- Legs with Long threads to adapt with your kitchen countertops

About the company:

Our primary mission is to deliver, authentic products that combines style and functionality. To create jobs for artisans and Moroccan work force in the process. To build a base of satisfied and long-term clients with a result oriented approach. Our focus is allowing us to grow faster by identifying the key problems by listening and being close to our customers and solving them. We offer high quality products ranging from shower, kitchen, bath, to diver accessories and parts. We do offer high quality products with affordable prizes.

We do customize every product depending on your vision and imagination. You design, we create.  Be assured that when ordering from Insideast, you will enjoy every part of the experience.

Insideast Moroccan Brass Vintage Ball 8-Inch ISF09 Kitchen Faucet

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