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    How to remove recessed faucet aerator?

    A faucet aerator fits on the tip of a faucet to mix water and air and thus cut the consumption of water usage by up to 30 percent in a household.

    Faucets aerators are mainly made of wire mesh, so, they have a big tendency to collect debris and dirt in the water and needs regular maintenance.  You should periodically remove the aerator to clean it.

    What is a recessed faucet aerator?

    Recessed faucet aerators are directly threaded at the end of the faucet, making them invisible and vandal proof. The reason they are also called hidden faucet aerators.

    Before you go search for special tools to remove the recessed faucet aerator check if the tip of the faucet is threaded in a way that makes reaching the aerator impossible.

    To remove the aerator you need a special key that normally comes with the faucet. If you lost it, don’t worry! You can get a kit of recessed aerator keys for less than $10.

    Four sizes are available in the market as you can see in the picture below.

    recessed aerator sizes

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